Revelation 21

Episode 192: Our typical interpretation of Revelation 21 & 22 is that this is heaven. However, I challenge that view in this episode. If John is not talking about heaven, what is he talking about? Tune in as I explain the vision.

Question of the Day: Is Satan real?

Revelation 20

Episode 191: The millennial reign of…who? Must be chapter 20 of Revelation. The book of Revelation begins to wind down very rapidly and the 1,000 years figure shows up a lot. Tune in as I bring clarity to oft misunderstood (and exploited) passage.

Question of the Day: What do Catholics believe?

Government Shutdown, Pope, Hobby Lobby, & Homosexuality

Episode 190: The title pretty much says it all. I chase a lot of these things down, discuss them, and even have a special call-in guest – David Creek! #catINtheHAT Tune in I give Biblical perspective on these current affairs.

Pope Francis

Hobby Lobby

50 “Christians” to reinterpret the Bible

Question of the Day: What do Mormons really believe (part 2)?