Killing Jesus

Episode 194: Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly is currently the best-selling book in the world. While the death of Jesus is arguably the most important event in history, it necessarily points us to the resurrection. Tune in as I give a quasi-expose of Mr. O’Reilly’s book, but dig deeper to the significance of the death of Jesus.

Question of the Day: Can atheists be saved?

Revelation 20

Episode 191: The millennial reign of…who? Must be chapter 20 of Revelation. The book of Revelation begins to wind down very rapidly and the 1,000 years figure shows up a lot. Tune in as I bring clarity to oft misunderstood (and exploited) passage.

Question of the Day: What do Catholics believe?

Government Shutdown, Pope, Hobby Lobby, & Homosexuality

Episode 190: The title pretty much says it all. I chase a lot of these things down, discuss them, and even have a special call-in guest – David Creek! #catINtheHAT Tune in I give Biblical perspective on these current affairs.

Pope Francis

Hobby Lobby

50 “Christians” to reinterpret the Bible

Question of the Day: What do Mormons really believe (part 2)?

Pope’s New Balance

Episode 186: So the Pope wants a new “balance” in the Catholic Church or else it will “fail” or “fall.” This is the same guy who said belief in God was optional to going to heaven, right? Tune in as I offer a Biblical perspective for Christ’s church when confronted with talk of “balance.”

Pope warns church must find new balance or fail

Holy Water Contaminated

Atheists OK according to Pope

Question of the Day: Is Satan real?

Believe in the Devil?

The Cross of Christ

Episode 161: Recently, archaeologists in Turkey dug up a chest which supposedly contains a piece of the cross that Jesus died on.  So what does this mean? Tune in as I break down how when an idol’s-a-tree that is really gross idolatry.

Did Archaeologists Find Jesus’ Cross?

Other Ancient Relics

Question of the Day: Where does it say you have to go through Christ to get to God?

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Episode 130: You’ve probably seen the picture on a tall candle or maybe hanging on a wall in someone’s house. It is the picture where it looks like Jesus is suffering from holy heartburn (See below). What is the meaning behind that image? Did you know that our Catholic friends are celebrating a feast about this doctrine tomorrow? Tune in as I explore the sacred heart of Jesus.