The Imitation of God

Episode 284: Paul says, “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.” (Ephesians 5:1, ESV) What a lofty calling! But how does one imitate God? Tune in as I unpack this text and the surrounding context to identify what it means to imitate God.

Question of the Day: How many Christians are there in the world?

Gays with Gifts

Episode 283: The Catholic Church has said gays have gifts to offer the Catholic Church…er, uh, wait…No, they don’t. What’s going on and do gays have gifts for the (true) church? Hmm…Tune in as I cover this story and discuss how gays might be given gifts by Christ for the church.

Monday’s Article: Gays Have Gifts to Offer Catholic Church

Tuesday’s Article: Catholic Officials Walk-back Reports

Question of the Day: Did Jesus say anything about homosexuality?

Islam & Salvation

Episode 277: Islam is a work-based system of salvation. That is, if you do enough works in this life, at the end of life maybe, just maybe, Allah will let you into his Garden. How does this differ from Christianity? Tune in as examine salvation according to Islam and contrast it with what the Bible says.

Question of the Day: What must I do to be saved?

Mars Hill Church Issues

Episode 271: Have you heard about the mess happening in Seattle? Seattle-based Mars Hill Church is having some serious issues with their lead pastor Mark Driscoll. While we do not know all the details (a point I iterate several times), it is a sad situation playing out for all the world to watch. But how does it apply to your situation, right where you live? Tune in as I show how some of the things happening in Washington are probably eerily similar to what you are struggling with in your life.

Question of the Day: Does God Exist?

Death of a Comedian

Episode 265: Comedian Robin Williams took his own life last week. His frenetic style could be rather blue at times. However, I knew him from his kid-friendly movies like Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire. He was brilliant, but tortured by depression. It was ultimately depression which lead to his suicide.

Depression is a serious mental condition which is not to be taken lightly. The church historically has been a haven for the mentally ill. In fact, early church writers considered conditions like depression as primarily a spiritual issue which must be handled with devotion to certain spiritual disciplines (i.e. fasting, prayers, etc.). While there may be a tendency on the part of some to scoff at this idea, we must remember that Christianity is a religion of the mind. We are to love the Lord our God with all our mind (Mark 12.30). Our minds are to be renewed so that we become transformed into the image of Christ (Romans 12.2).

Tragically, many who suffer from depression unfortunately turn to suicide and Robin Williams is a most recent example. Suicide is murder of self and murder is categorically condemned in Scripture (Genesis 9.6; Exodus 20.13; Leviticus 24.21; Deuteronomy 5.17; Luke 18.20; Romans 13.9). Murder is an affront to God because it strikes right at the crown jewel of His creation: His image in man. Suicide is smashing to pieces God’s image in one’s self.

Suicide is a sin. It is not the unforgiveable sin, but a sin nevertheless. Like all sin, it is selfish, focused on the gratification of the irrational thought (there’s the mind again) that the world would be better without me. However, doing yourself in is not doing your loved ones a favor. The grim truth is that family members and loved ones are left heartbroken and grief stricken as they attempt to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and move forward without this person.


Episode 263: A prominent philosopher is telling people not to believe the doctrine of the rapture which will be given prominence in an upcoming movie. Leaders of the homosexual movement are upset that the Center for Disease Control has released the figures for the number of gay American adults – a paltry 1.6%. What do these two events have in common? Whether you hold to the erroneous doctrine of the rapture or cling to the sin of homosexuality, you must be converted! Tune in as I explore this vital Bible subject.\

Don’t Believe the Rapture

Angry Gay Leaders

Question of the Day: How Can We Know Truth?

Objective Moral Values

Episode 260: Atheists like to argue that we can be moral animals without a god. But can we be good without God? If God does not exist, moral values are merely subjective human inventions. If God does exist, moral values are objective and real. Tune in as I discuss this subject which has far reaching implications.

Smartest People on Earth are Theists

Executions Gone Awry

A World of Evil

Episode 258: The Supreme Court ruled on Hobby Lobby’s case. It has been interesting to hear the dissent from secular progressives on this ruling, especially the claim that now a boss is imposing their religious convictions on employees. Really? What does it REALLY look when a boss imposes their religious beliefs on employees? Tune in as I discuss this, plus…

Is it just me or does anyone else find it coincidental that the same week gay pride events are being held in America, parts of Iraq and Syria are declared an Islamic state? If that is not a contrast in countries I do not know what is. Here in the states, freedom has been hijacked to such a degree that immoral behavior is literally paraded down Main Street. There in the Middle East, a self-proclaimed religion of peace rapes and murders women for not paying a tax. The world over evil abounds.

The Bible says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14.34). When a nation or people put into practice and keep the word of God, it is a blessing. As the Psalmist says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (33.12). However, whether that nation of people be Hebrew, American, or Islamic, sin is a black stain on any people. So we see two very different yet equally sinful situations on opposite sides of the planet. “‘There is no peace,’ says the Lord, ‘for the wicked’” (Isaiah 48.22).

What leads to this? The abandonment of God’s word. In America, secular progressives have sought to legislate God’s word out of schools, buildings, and monuments. In the Middle East, the Koran is the religious book of choice and any other alternatives are ruthlessly eradicated. In both nations there is famine in the land, “not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord” (Amos 8.11).  “O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord” (Jeremiah 22.29, ASV). “For when your judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness” (Isaiah 26.9). And with righteousness comes exaltation.

Defrocked Methodist Pastor & the Gay Marriage Witch Hunt

Episode 254: If I don’t cover it, who will? The growing influence of pro-homosexual pastors has a new face: Frank Schafer, defrocked Methodist pastor. But while he was punished for performing his son’s wedding to another man, there are those who say that there is coming a “witch hunt” for those who are advocates of traditional marriage. Tune in as I explain the “heart” of the matter.

Defrocked Methodist Pastor Appeals Punishment

The Coming Gay Marriage Witch Hunt

Post-Christian Church

Episode 251: Progressive Christianity is the “fifth column” which threatens Christendom in general. They demonstrate an element which is post-Christian in the church. Tune in as I expose the threat progressive theology and progressive Christianity pose to the Christianity.

“Fifth Column” Article

Question of the Day: Did Jesus say anything about homosexuality?